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Company Structure

Golden Wheel Die Casting Factory Ltd. is established since 1989. The business was started with 4 staff in the first year and growing up rapidly since then.


The company is principally engaged in making zinc-alloy die casting mini autos including design, tooling, manufacture and sales comprising mainly scale models for adults and boys.  The majority of the company products is designed by the company and sold under its own brand name “Golden Wheel”. We are active in procuring trademark licenses. Current and past projects include “Ford”, "Pepsi-Cola", “Mountain Dew”, “Seven-Up” and "Good Humor", "American Airlines", "FedEx", "Garfield", "USPS", etc. 
The company also makes OEM and Private Label products according to the customer’s requirements, which include the license holder of “Kellogg’s”, “Crayola”, “Coca-Cola”, “BP”, “Shell”, etc.  Most of the products are for export, principally to North America, South America, Europe and Asia.  The company has a geographically diversified customer base.

The Hong Kong Office 

The company has various departments such as Sales, Marketing, R&D, EDP, Administration and Shipping. 

Production Facilities

The company has factories in Dongguan, the PRC, which are having hot chamber die casting and plastic injection molding machines, static electric spray equipment, auto pad tempo printing machines and assembly lines.

Tooling Department

The company also has a tooling department in Dongguan equipped with computerized EDM, ECM and drilling machines, etc.  This department makes molds for own use and also for overseas manufacturers.

Product Development

In order to support sales and promotion, the company has its own in-house R&D team for product development, which includes prototype making, engineering, tooling, dies, computerized graphic designs on the item and its packaging etc. 

Products List


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